Zen is a 3D puzzle game prototype, developed with a team of three people, including myself. The concept and gameplay was developed by the group. Particularly, I was responsible for the art direction, environment design and 3D modeling.
In Zen, player interacts with blocks in order to open paths for the water to flow. We aimed for a calm and beautiful experience for this puzzle game. Conceptually, there is a different garden on each level and there is a magical water going through all these gardens. As the water interacts with the environment, it causes alterations in the scene. The player clears the path by moving blocks and opens the way for the water to flow. The basic player interaction is moving blocks.
For the prototype we created two levels. The first one is a tutorial level teaching the basic interaction. The second one introduces more concepts such as objects that are fragile and destroyed as soon as the water reaches them, or a bridge that the player needs to interact in order to reach the water. The second level aims to show the potential possibilities for further development.
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