A narrative focused mini puzzle game about break ups and expectations. Sometimes we feel there is no other way but to leave a relationship. But what if our partners says just the right thing? We want hope them to say the right thing. We hope them to make us stay. Un-Dissolve Me focuses on the purgatory-like phase just before the end of a relationship. 
Player is given two choices represented with abstract animated gifs. Each of these gifs have positive or negative meanings. As the player makes a choice, the animation plays forward or backward. The player is expected to learn the meanings of these visuals and play towards the desired end. 
My main focus for this game was to focus on visual storytelling and experimenting communication via abstract shapes. Un-Dissove Me was built using Unity Engine.
The goal of the game is to make her stay by figuring out the right things to say. However, there are no words communicated on the screen. Expressions are visually represented by animations and players are expected to learn their effects on her.
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