I really enjoy developing minimalistic, intuitive interactions and that is what I explore in my games while seeking simplicity and depth. 
You can play my prototypes on my itch.io page.
You can check out my GitHub for a closer look to my development process.
Here are some of them:
Butterflies is a balancing game where players create different types of butterflies and tries to balance the ecosystem.
The Fittest
The Fittest is a two player game, where the players try to find each other and shoot in order to win.
Trampolympics is a physics based high score game where the player has to make full rotations and land on their feet in order to score.
My Visa Application
My Visa Application is an interactive audio memoir about terrorist attacks in my home country. You listen to selected representative sounds from important events by touching the flower. As you listen more, the flower loses it’s leaves.
Kawaii Bomber
In Kawaii Bomber, player controls a Kawaii Cat who is on a secret mission in real cat world. Their goal is to turn every cat into a Kawaii cat by exploding Kawaii bombs.​​​​​​​
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